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Review: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

I came across this mask the same way as I come across most things…YouTube. People were raving about this stuff and I am always intrigued by a natural product. I tried this mask back in college and I remember thinking it was an intense mask, but got distracted by other products, and then lost it in a move.

Flash forward to 2017 and I randomly experienced a bout of breakouts which I attributed to either hormones or poor diet. It was weird because that rarely happens anymore and I was willing to try anything to get my skin back under control. My normal go-to skincare products were just not cutting it this time so I went to the internet to help me come up with a solution.

Enter the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. 

I re-read the claims and reviews of this mask and thought, okay…why not? It’s cheap enough to where I am not spending an arm and leg over something that may or may not work and it’s natural which is always a plus. I ran out to Whole Foods and found it in their skincare aisle.

So, about this mask. It’s a 100% Calcium Bentonite powder, which is a naturally occurring mineral made up of iron, sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium, formed from volcanic ash. If you are a fan of clay masks, you will notice that bentonite is almost always listed as one of the top ingredients in the ingredient list. This is because bentonite acts like a magnet for your skin…it goes deep into your pores and pulls out all the gunk underneath. Therefore, bentonite in its purest form is a powerhouse ingredient.

The way you use this mask is by mixing equal parts clay with either water or raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. I would highly suggest using it with apple cider vinegar because there are many additional benefits that ACV provides to the mask as well as creating a smoother consistency than if you mix it with water. Organic ACV acts as an antibacterial agent which helps to remove toxins from the skin as well as providing a gentle exfoliation because it contains alpha hydroxy acids.

If I am using this for my entire face, I like to use a tablespoon of the clay and a tablespoon of ACV. After mixing I will always go in with a few drops more of the ACV and I find that that creates the perfect, smooth consistency. If using it for just spot treatment or on my t-zone, I do the same thing but with a teaspoon of each. I like to apply it using a cheap foundation brush (e.l.f. brushes are perfect for this).

Be aware that this is really an intense mask, it dries down ROCK HARD. I would suggest doing this one alone and save a milder mask for a girls night because I am telling you from personal experience…laughing while this is on kind of hurts! Now, on the back of the container, it literally says “feel your face pulsate.” My face always pulsates when this is drying and it’s the weirdest feeling but I don’t mind it. I have read some reviews where people said they didn’t feel anything which is fine because it’s still a potent mask. Since everyone has different skin, not everyone will experience the pulsating sensation. The drying time will vary depending on how thickly you applied the mask but once it is dry to the touch and has started forming cracks you can wash it off. The best way to wash it off is to get a warm washcloth and just press it to your face for 30 seconds or so to soften the mask, and then you can gently rub it off with the cloth. Do not be alarmed if your face is really red afterwards, that is totally normal and the redness will subside within 30-40 mins (I would really do this mask before bed.)

Since this is a very intense mask, it also can dry out your skin a little. So PLEASE apply a facial oil (rosehip seed oil, marula oil, squalane, etc.) or a really good moisturizer afterwards to really put the hydration back into your skin.

So, after all this talk about the mask, let’s discuss what this did for me! Like I said before, I was dealing with some random breakouts that prompted me to purchase this. After the first application I was BLOWN AWAY. My skin had never looked so…poreless. I always hear about people using products that have made their pores “disappear.” I didn’t know what that truly meant until I used this mask…in fact, I never even noticed that my pores were enlarged or visible in any way. The next morning my breakouts had subsided substantially and within the next 2 days they were completely gone and smoothed out. Now, I use this mask all over once or twice a week as just a facial detox and it has really, really helped with maintaining my skin. I cannot recommend this stuff enough. I honestly want to kick myself for all the masks I have bought in the past (Glam Glow, I’m looking at you) because this has made the most drastic difference to my skin.

You can purchase this at Whole Foods, Amazon, Walmart, etc. It comes with 1lb. of product for only $10-12 and it seriously lasts forever! And as for the ACV, I would recommend the one by Bragg’s.

Happy masking!

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