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Skincare for Traveling/Planes

I don’t know if others feel this way about flying on a plane, but I hate how gross your face feels afterwards. If I don’t need to be somewhere immediately after landing, I never wear makeup. Instead, I focus on my skincare. Air travel can be very dehydrating and drying for your skin. The cabin is pressurized, meaning that all the air that’s in there once the door closes just gets recycled during the entire flight and it’s typically always dry. I always feel my skin starting to get tight shortly after takeoff and I personally HATE that feeling. My goal now is always to counteract and prevent that feeling by using really hydrating and nourishing products to ensure that I don’t look a zombie upon landing.

I start out the night before by using an overnight hydrating mask to give my skin that extra amount of moisture. The morning of, I like to really make sure my face is clean and prepped for my other products. I do this by using a glycolic acid toner to slough off any dead skin cells or gunk on my skin and then following that by my favorite salicylic acid treatment to really do some deep pore cleaning and to help prevent any breakouts. Then (this is optional but I recommend doing this) I like to go in with a facial oil to really help balance out my skin. My favorite right now is rosehip seed oil. If you have oily skin and the thought of that horrifies you, I will explain in another post how certain oils are actually really beneficial for your skin and help REDUCE oil production. Lastly, I’ll apply a moisturizer, preferably one with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is an all-star ingredient for hydration because it’s a naturally occurring molecule that has the ability to hold close to 1000 times its weight in water. This means that it will grab onto any moisture that is around you and keep it nice and snug on your skin.

The aforementioned routine is great for flights that are a couple hours long. Since I started doing this, my skin has never felt gross after landing. For longer (and shorter…cause why not?) flights, I would suggest keeping a hydrating mist/spray on hand to apply on your face if you are starting to feel icky. I know a lot of celebrities use sheet masks for international travel because that is the ultimate way of bringing back hydration to your skin. However, you may look like a psychopath if you are a normal human and sit in coach/economy with people who will definitely judge you for looking like Jason from Friday the 13th. I haven’t tried doing this yet because I haven’t flown internationally recently but I am seriously considering doing it for my upcoming trip to Iceland. I’ll let you guys know of my experience on here if I do it!

So basically, forego the makeup if you can and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate for skin that feels refreshed and looks great upon arrival 🙂

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