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Review: Milani Multitasker Face Powder

Our relationship started years ago. I was searching for the perfect foundation and after almost giving up entirely, the Milani Multitasker came into my life. I’ve never been the biggest fan of liquid foundation. High-end, drugstore…you name it, I’ve tried it. It didn’t matter the formulation or the method of applying…I could always feel it on my face and I hated that. Emilynoel83 (OG youtuber) talked about this powder and said it had the coverage of a liquid foundation, so I knew I had to check it out.

First of all, the Milani Multitasker retails for $7. Seven. Dollars. That alone should have you at the edge of your seat. Oh, and it lasts forever. However, this is one of those products that I feel not many people know/talk about so I am constantly in fear that it will be discontinued. BUT, let’s not worry about that just yet. Because together we can keep this product afloat. I believe in us.

Okay, onto the actual product. This powder is kiiiind of amazing. It gives me medium coverage that is build-able to an almost full coverage. I don’t believe that any powder foundation will give you liquid foundation coverage, but this is pretty damn close. It won’t cover hyper pigmentation completely (that’s where your concealer will come to the rescue) but it gives you a really great, even base. And, as an oily-skinned girl, I love using a powder foundation because it helps me control oil throughout the day. I love using this for everyday makeup, whether it be for work or just meeting up with friends. I’ve gotten complimented on my skin many times while wearing this and I always get a puzzled look whenever I’ve told people about this because it’s such a random product. Milani is primarily known for their blushes and bronzers. Up until their recent release of the 2-in-1 foundation, I never heard much about their other face products. However, they nailed it with this powder and it honestly bums me out that it doesn’t get more attention!

In terms of what brush to use with this, I’ve experimented with many brushes and there is one that has completely blown all the others away – IT Cosmetics for Ulta Buffing Mineral Powder Brush, otherwise known as #206. I’ve used the Multitasker for years and it took me awhile to understand that for this particular product to unleash its full potential (I’m so dramatic), you need to use it with the right tool. The aforementioned buffing brush has the perfect amount of density so that it picks up the right amount of product and its shape helps with blending it onto your skin with ease. A cheaper alternative that I used for a while is the buffing face brush from Real Techniques. It provides a lighter coverage than the IT Cosmetics one, but if you are just wanting to even out your skin tone or maybe apply this powder over liquid foundation for extra coverage or for setting…this brush will do just fine 🙂 However, do be aware that this particular brush only comes part of a set (the Flawless Base Set). Why you can’t purchase it separately is beyond me, but the set is about half the price of the IT Cosmetics brush, so it’s worth looking into if you don’t want to spend a lot on one brush.

For application, I like to swirl my brush (gently) into the powder and use buffing/circular motions to apply this onto my face. Don’t go crazy with it because it’s a pressed powder with a good amount of coverage and you don’t want to get cake face. If it does look a little powder-y, I like to lightly spray on a setting/hydrating mist and that will instantly give you a more skin-like finish.

Lastly, and probably the only downside to this, is that this guy is so hard to find in stores! I usually find Milani products at CVS, Walgreens, Target, and Walmart…but this particular powder isn’t even sold at every Milani retailer. I know a couple stores that carry it, but since I moved to Dallas I have yet to come across this product in person. I just buy it off of the Milani website since I know my shade (Light Tan, 04). FYI, the product in the pan looks lighter than it does on your skin for some reason so keep that in mind in case you are puzzled by that. So, if you are wanting to get your hands on this, I would go to the Milani website first just to make it easier on yourself, but obviously color-matching online is not ideal. Your best bet is to do a search online like ‘Milani Multitasker Tan 05’ and you can see pictures of people that wear that shade and you’ll be able to determine if you are a similar skin tone. OR, you could buy a couple different shades on the Milani site and from their return policy, it seems that you can receive a full refund for the shades that don’t work out for you.

The Multitasker and I are in this for real. I’ve gotten a couple of my friends hooked on this and they are now repeat-buyers. Please let me know if you ever try this out, it would make me SO happy 🙂

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