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My Invisalign Experience

Like most people, I stopped wearing my retainer at some point after I had braces. It was sometime in college where my mom wasn’t there to make sure I was wearing them at least a couple nights a week. Honestly, I thought that they had been straight for years now…surely they would stay that way. Wrong. My teeth shifted fairly quickly after I ditched the retainers and nothing was the same (cue some Drake). I don’t remember exactly when my teeth started to bother me but at some point I really wanted to do something about it. Whenever I would complain to my friends, they never noticed anything wrong because they were basically still pretty straight. It was one of those things that only you really see or care about…no one was about to agree with me that my upper laterals needed to move up a little. My bottom teeth had the most obviously crookedness but no one sees those anyway. Still, I was on a mission to do something about it. Continue reading “My Invisalign Experience”